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With more than 25 years of legal, mediation and conflict resolution experience, Dodokin Law provides clients legal and strategic conflict resolution advice and offers commercial litigation, insolvency, mediation and arbitration services. Dodokin Law strongly recognises that valuable conflict resolution advice, processes and results are made and designed with a thoughtful understanding of the facts, legal issues, values and objectives of the clients or parties to the dispute. Dodokin Law approaches each conflict resolution mandate uniquely and will recommend and apply the best tools needed for each particular circumstance.

Dodokin Law acts for businesses, business owners, stakeholders, creditors, debtors, court appointed officials and beneficiaries. Dodokin Law prides itself in the ability to deliver results by fully understanding each client’s business and offering advice and a process that meets each client’s goals and circumstances.

* practising through Robin A. Dodokin Professional Corporation

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