Commercial Litigation

Dodokin Law has more than 25 years of experience in all aspects of commercial litigation and insolvency/ bankruptcy proceedings. Robin Dodokin has expertise in assessing potential claims; analysing legal and reputational risk; providing efficient and strategic recommendations and advice. Robin has expertise in business and contractual disputes, shareholder and partnership disputes, including oppression remedy claims, real estate disputes, banking litigation, insolvency litigation and proceedings, enforcing creditor’s rights, representing court appointed officers, pursuing frauds and obtaining injunctive relief.

Robin is very experienced in all stages of the litigation and arbitration processes from fact finding to arbitration hearing or trial, including pleadings, discovery, mediation, seeking interim relief, motions, settlement negotiations and enforcement of judgments. Her cases have been cited and a list is available on request.

Robin has expertise in insolvency law and proceedings, including enforcing creditor and debtor rights and representing court appointed officers, seeking adjudication of competing priorities, obtaining injunctive relief, setting aside fraudulent conveyances or preferences and commencing bankruptcy or receivership proceedings. In addition to her insolvency litigation, Robin also has experience in the negotiating and drafting of forbearance agreements and related documents and the sale of personal property. She also has a network of experienced corporate and real estate lawyers and insolvency practitioners that she works with depending upon the issues and collateral involved. She represents court appointed receivers and creditors in complicated insolvency proceedings.

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