Mediation and Arbitration

As a qualified and creative mediator, Robin Dodokin assists parties in finding effective and innovative ways to manage change, understand the nature of their disputes and reach agreements.

Robin offers in person and i-mediate* virtual and online mediation, arbitration and conflict resolution services.

As a mediator, Robin appreciates that parties prefer to reach practical agreements rather than be involved in time consuming litigation. Robin’s conflict resolution processes are designed to fit the particular circumstances of the parties considering their business, legal and personal objectives and in doing so she uses her mediation, facilitation and conflict resolution skills.  She is a good listener with an inquisitive mind who is very able to reframe positions, test the stories and assist parties find creative agreements that meet the parties needs whenever possible.

As an arbitrator, Robin has a deep understanding that parties require a fair and efficient process and reasoned decision on the issues subject to arbitrations. She is committed to ensuring that the parties and their lawyers have confidence in the process. Robin has been appointed to arbitrate commercial and contractual disputes. She has run arbitral processes from the appointment to the delivery of the award.

Robin has experience in managing both virtual and in person arbitrations.

Robin is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and designated as a Qualified Mediator and Arbitrator by the ADR Institute of Canada. She has also successfully completed the Toronto Commercial Arbitration Society’s Gold Standard Commercial Arbitration Course.

* “i-mediate” is a trademark owned by Robin A. Dodokin Professional Corporation.

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